UTS Quality Assurance

We believe that the correct way towards business growth is through the improvement in the products quality. Therefore, we adhere to international quality standards at all levels of process. Our team of quality auditors conduct stringent tests at all stages, ensuring the delivery of best quality products to the customers.

Our vision is to be the leading ship spares suppliers and setting high level of standards in the industry. Enhancing the level of services provided to our clients by following ISO-9001:2008 Standards.

Facility for all kind of Non-Destructive testing (NDT):

We have qualified Engineers in our facility to do all kind of testing. This will save time of calling engineer or sending the equipment for testing. We can do Calibration, MPI, Ultrasonic, Hardness, Hydraulic, Trueness and Leak detection testing for all machineries. We will also provide with Test Certificate with same.

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